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The economic roller coaster of booms and busts has impacted the world to a great extent especially during the last decade. The main culprit responsible for these episodes is the increasing instability of centralized currencies brought on by the banking industry. Backed by an overwhelming history of crisis and failure, the centralized, for-profit banking sector has been falling back in meeting the advanced needs of the global population while making the digital transaction process both inconvenient and unnecessarily expensive. Not surprisingly, this raised the need for a stable, efficient, sustainable and decentralized financial ecosystem that puts people before profit. And this is exactly what this leading multifaceted fintech startup Company intends to offer through its digital fintech platform called BULLIONBLOCK. The startup company is founded upon the principals that the security and integrity of BULLIONBLOCK’s fin-tech systems are of paramount importance, along with Customer-Service and support.

As a consequence of 2008 Global Economic Crisis (GFC), when the global financial scenario was going through a catastrophic moment, BULLIONBLOCK realized the need for a stable and secure decentralized financial ecosystem.

BULLIONBLOCK is a digital financial services technology ecosystem designed to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and remove friction by delivering a lifestyle product on a mobile platform providing a better experience, in other words, a user-friendly electronic money account that inspires and meets the individual needs of the digital age users.

Unlike traditional financial services, this platform is not tied to one specific government, country, currency or any specific bank. Therefore, it is completely crisis-proof and conflict-free. “The financial preservation platform BULLIONBLOCK is a scalable digital payment ecosystem with its own stablecoin named Crypto Mint BullionBlock (CMBB Token). The BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem is governed by the objectivity of decentralized blockchain technology and backed by the inflationary hedge of physical bullion reserves. People’s money should be tamper-proof, stable in value – and that’s precisely what we plan to deliver.

In addition, unlike traditional banking, the BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem is not tied to one specific government and/or country – it is not tied to one specific currency, and it is not tied to any specific bank. Therefore, it is crisis proof. This saves both time and money a busuness would have otherwise spent on the transfer of money across borders from one country to another.

Every man and woman upon this Earth must quickly be made aware of the unfortunate reality that most (if not all) governments have become insolvent – and that all of our banks have failed every stress test they’ve had over the last half a decade.

Across the planet, politicians and central banks have had their money printing machines running 24/7. They’ve thrown all this cash at banks in a desperate attempt to boost individual asset prices and revive the consumption-fueled, debt-driven economy of pre-2008 – the Global Financial Crisis.

The privatization of public assets, ultra-low interest rates, QE, austerity strategies and social security cuts… all failed to reboot our broken financial system – instead, they’ve resulted in creating inflation and devaluation of many currencies.

So, where’s the solution?

Right here. Let us take you on a tour of the history of BullionBlock.

Our Philosophy

We feel it’s important to share our message and our information to all people across the world.

Also, take a look at our Banking Problem page for explanations and analysis of the failed attempts of fixing the global monetary system. Feel free to also refer to our Reference page and Research page for eye-opening reference links and research videos.

Please take the time to arm yourself with knowledge – position you and your loved ones to flourish in this rare opportunity; an opportunity that hasn’t been possible since the Great Depression back in 1930.

Since 2012 our founder Ilias Bafas has been publishing online blogs stating that the next global economic correction will collapse the entire financial system. Such a travesty we have never before seen – this recession will make 2008’s GFC and 1930’s Great Depression look like a walk in the park.

Whatever the future might hold, it’s only a matter of time before the economic authorities won’t be able to continue with their short-term tricks – running fiat-currency printing machines 24/7, the low-interest rates experiments and the quantitative easing will all end very painfully for the USA, EU and the global economy.

Where does BullionBlock fit in?

At BullionBlock, we don’t see all of this doom and gloom. Instead, we see a huge opportunity; the fact that BullionBlock Decentralized Borderless FinTech will not only shield your wealth or cash savings but position the general public to be able to benefit and thrive.

The unfunded government liabilities and social security cuts all over the Western countries are intensifying the pressure on people as household debt approaches pre-GFC levels. Along with this, the absence of significant industry-wide growth in wages suggests that we are witnessing the end of the ‘Middle Class’.

The global debt is now over 3 x higher than global GDP, alongside housing bubbles across the globe on a scale we’ve never seen. There’s evident volatility growing in financial markets – the world is in a much, much worse position now in comparison to the years building up to the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.

The entire monetary system collapsed in 2008, it was so much more than a crisis, and the global economy has not recovered. The extreme measures of central banks including QE programs and low-interest-rate policies have failed to fix the global economy, and have created moral hazards for not only the banking sector, but also governments,  Eleven years after the 2008 Global GFC another financial crisis is brewing, and this time central banks and governments have no more tools to prevent a global economic depression.

When the next crisis arrives the age of independent central banks will come to an end. To learn more click-here

The R-Evolution will not be Centralized. 

Join us on the BullionBlock Journey – as an alternative option to the global monetary systems impending hell of a ride.

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